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Rey Akdogan
July 8 - August 26, 2017
1010 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

planned actions

that expand ceaselessly
that are fierce
that are unutterable 
that have to exist with other fads
that only exist as a knot
that are inflated
that are never even
that loose their contour
that forecast scenarios 
that never let it out
that only appear on slow nights 
that never explain 
that steal the shadow of other actions
that swell
that never wake up
that confront other actions
that build side-splitting stages
that form pictures on tabloids
that are just too curly
that are allergic to anything around them
that are on the edge eight days of the week 
that multiply themselves exponentially and become oblivious
that are stolen
that hide from other actions
that fake their suicide
that cause leaks
that are prone to combustion
that never comprehend their immediate surrounding
that rotate relentlessly and then faint 
that are overwhelmed by their appearance
that are always in the middle of a picture
that want to share oneʼs life
that have no ingredients
that can exist without space
that are always upset
that go into wrong directions
that never curve
that have no real reason
that miss inaugural slots
that never know how to come back
that cannot be eaten
that play games
that are confused with proportions
that never like the flavor of anything
that will last forever and a day and eventually collapse
that never remember what happened before
that watch things go bad
that cannot exist without color
that always have a moment left
that only exist for tomorrow
that have never seen a fine day
that cannot tell more
that have unknown appearances
that won’t tell the hard truth
that evaporate 
that produce generous illusions

rey akdogan