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D'Ette Nogle
Wardrobe Selections for Gallery (2013-2018)
March 4 - 31, 2018
1010 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

D’Ette Nogle, Wardrobe Selections for Gallery (2013-2018), 2018
Five mannequins, five wardrobe selections provided by Hannah Hoffman
Dimensions variable

D´Ette Nogle’s Wardrobe Selections for Gallery (2013-2018) marks a forthcoming departure.  Hannah Hoffman Gallery will, in the next several weeks, leave its location at 1010 N. Highland Ave.  This project makes tangible a history of the gallery’s first five years as presented through Hannah Hoffman’s personal wardrobe.  Nogle’s request of Hoffman to select outfits acknowledges Hoffman’s clothing choices as a kind of uniform and extension of her labor, contributing to the self-presentation a gallerist creates and giving form to the immaterial. 

This project, Nogle’s first with the gallery, also marks the beginning of Hoffman and Nogle’s professional relationship.  Looking forward, Nogle isolates this part of the gallery, Hoffman’s wardrobe, as a mechanism of representation and distribution and considers Hoffman’s clothing as intimately bound to the artist’s work through interpersonal exchanges between gallerist and viewer.  At the same time, Wardrobe Selections considers where Hoffman may find herself historically within a lineage of women gallery owners.